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We only list products and resources that we personally use and recommend to others.  We refer to these in our posts and publications, and know they can help you as you build your own online platform.

Web Hosting

Where you host your website is one of the most crucial decisions you can make.  Make sure you sign up for a service that has rock-solid technology and top-tier customer service.

If you're on a budget, then Siteground can't be beat.  They have a solid server infrastructure, but even more than that, their customer service is second-to-none.  They even provide free website transfers to their servers when you sign up!

For those with the budget, the best-in-class web host is definitely WP Engine.  If SiteGround is a reliable Toyota, then WP Engine is a Mercedes Benz.  They do everything at the highest level.  It's worth it for the security and stability of your online business.


It is tempting to get your domain name from the same place you buy your web hosting service, but it is a much safer option to buy it separately and host it with a registrar that specializes in this service. 

Hover is always at the top of domain registration review lists, and for good reason.  They provide a quality service, at a reasonable price, without some of the excessive up-selling and questionable marketing tactics that others use.

email marketing

Staying connected with your audience is vital for any business, and nothing helps make that happen better than email.  These email and newsletter services are the ones that help you maximize engagement with your customers and generate leads the right way.

ConvertKit allows you to streamline your email marketing funnels with a beautiful, intuitive interface.  The best part is the ability to create conditional sequences and build auto-responders that delivery results.

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