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Can you make a quick and simple website? (VLOG)

As a designer (or any service professional) we are often asked about doing something “quick and simple”.

“We just need a quick logo design.”

“Can you put together a simple brochure?”

“We only need a basic website.”

When most experienced designers hear statements like this their first impulse is to run for the hills.  This attitude about the design process often spells disaster and headaches for the project.

The underlying reasons for wanting a quick and simple website

But the truth is, if we look at the underlying reason potential clients say things like this it stems from a misunderstanding of the design process.  As the saying goes, you don’t know what you don’t know.  Education is the answer.

As professionals, if we are vigilant about educating our potential clients (and existing clients) about how we work, then we will eventually run across these situations less and less.

In this video I share thoughts about this common question and how we at Akamai Websites usually deal with these sorts of situations.  Click on the video below to view.

The short answer and a caveat

The short answer to the question is that yes, it is possible to make a quick and simple website.  But the caveat to that is that it won’t be done the right way.  In fact, you’ll end up spending more money, time and resources to correct the mistakes of a website done quick in the wrong way, than if you had done it right the first time.

Rather than put our clients through this nightmare, we build websites the right way, taking the necessary time to create the best solution for your needs.  We believe that you and your business/organization are worth the effort, and the end results often speak for themselves.

Yes, the right way takes a little longer.

But not nearly as long as correcting the mistakes of doing things the wrong way.

If you like this video blog and have questions you would love to see answered, just post them below in the comments and we’ll put it in the queue. 🙂

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Mark is the founder of Akamai Websites and has been designing websites, user interfaces and graphics for over 25 years. Originally building websites for clients such as Disney Channel and Warner Brothers, he was also a member of the team that developed Rotten Tomatoes, and was Jet Li's webmaster and assistant for ten years. After 8 years working in China, building websites for movies and celebrities, building online businesses, and designing interfaces for mobile applications, he moved to Hawaii where he helps businesses craft their online platforms.

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