Immerse App

Project Description

Shahrooz Shadbakht had an idea for a mobile app that allowed students to easily perform comparison studies of religious and holy texts.  He approached me to help with the UI (User Interface) design and represent the vision he had in his mind.

The final result was a series of almost 70 screens showing each part of the app’s functionality, as well as functional prototypes to allow developers to take the reigns and bring this project to reality.

Project Details

Client Shahrooz Shadbakht
Year 2014
Skills UI Design
Tools Sketch 3, Invision

Solidifying the Vision

Shahrooz had already sketched out many of his screens with Keynote, but they were very rough and required some polish.  Starting with his initial idea, we collaborated to come up with an interface that was both logical and robust.

It took 7 rounds of designs, and hundreds of screens, to finally come to a final look that we were both happy with.  But the icing on the cake was using Invision App‘s prototyping tool to bring the designs to life.  Providing a working visual prototype allowed Shahrooz to take this design to developers and begin the work of building the app itself.

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