Fire Nation Elite

Project Description

John Lee Dumas, of the popular business podcast Entrepreneur on Fire, contacted me to help design the logo for his private mastermind group, Fire Nation Elite.

After several rounds of designs, from pencil sketches to final treatments, we were able to create two logo treatments that he has used on a variety of marketing materials and platforms.

Project Details

Client John Lee Dumas
Company Entrepreneur on Fire
Year 2013
Skills Branding, Logo, Graphic
Tools Photoshop, Illustrator

Starting from Scratch (Paper)

I started as all good designers do — with a paper and pencil.  I sketched out several ideas to share with my client.  I also went straight into Photoshop to mock up some ideas.

It was from this initial conceptual brainstorm that we were able to start narrowing down on the specific design the client liked most.

Decisions, Decisions

In the end, John liked two of the designs so much that he decided to use both of them!

Over the course of the next year both logos were used to promote and sell memberships in his elite mastermind group.

Afterwards I continued to work with him and designed several banners to promote his top-ranked business podcast on iTunes.

It was a great pleasure working with John on this project and it opened the door for many great relationships that continue to this day.

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