Alive Not Dead

Project Description

When Daniel Wu and his friends Conroy, Terrence and Andrew decided to turn the website they created for the movie “The Heavenly Kings” into a full-fledged artist’s social networking community, they brought on several members of the original Rotten Tomatoes team to move to Hong Kong and help develop the new platform.

What followed was two years of incredible experiences and intensive designing in South East Asia’s commercial and cultural epicenter, where I served as one of the principal graphic and UI designers, helping artists get up and running on our new platform.

Project Details

Role Graphic and UI Designer 
Company Alive Not Dead
Year 2007 ~ 2008
Skills Graphic, UI, Video
Tools Photoshop, CSS, Sony Vegas

Artists are alive!

As artists and productions came on board to this social networking platform, I would work with them to create a custom profile design page that highlighted their brand and message.  Artists ranged from actors to singers to athletes.

I also worked closely with film producers and directors to help promote their films to a wider audience.  Set visits, press junkets and performances were all part of the amazing experiences I had while working at Alive Not Dead.

Collaboration with Artists

One of the most interesting projects I worked on at AnD was a series of video vignettes from the Hong Kong press junket for the acclaimed film, “The Forbidden Kingdom” starring super stars, Jet Li and Jackie Chan.

I coordinated with AnD photographers, Chris Lay and Ivy Lam, to take photos while I manned the video camera.  Then, using songs from AnD musician and singers, I edited together a series of 4 music videos.

With over 130,000 views, this cross-platform collaboration gave viewers a unique inside look at Jet Li and Jackie Chan’s work promoting their film.

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