Email Marketing
That gets

Put your relationship-building activities on auto-pilot with powerful custom-designed email marketing systems.

Creating an effective email campaign is as easy as

1, 2, 3

From start to finish, we can help you design, build and oversee a custom email marketing system that builds vital relationships with future and current customers, and helps prepare them to buy your amazing products and services.

1. Custom Designed Templates

We can design a custom template for your emails and code it in HTML/CSS to use with MailChimp, ConvertKit or another compatible system. 

We can either seamlessly integrate it with your existing brand, or create a unique look and feel that matches your audience and company culture.

Plus, we test it on various popular email systems as well as make sure that it looks good on mobile devices too.

2. Automated Drip Sequences

Let's put together an automated drip email sequence that puts your email marketing on aut0-pilot

We'll add in your opt-in offers, set up your web forms, and integrate them right on your website.

Build your customer relationships and help make their buying decision a no-brainer.

3. Newsletter Publishing

First, we keep our eye on your system to make sure your opt-ins and email campaigns are running smoothly

Then, we can help produce and publish your newsletters and emails.  Just send us your copy, images and links and we'll craft a custom email that gets results.

Need small changes to your system?  No problem. We can even help duplicate existing sequences to adapt them to different audiences or product launches. 

Let us help keep your email marketing purring like a kitten#meow

Got Questions? Get Answers!

Check out some answers to frequently asked questions about our email marketing plans.  Have one that isn't answered here?  Contact us and we'll help you out!

It isn't possible to give an exact figure, but generally it takes a few weeks to narrow in on the design and make sure we are giving you what you want. 

The key to a quick turnaround time is to make sure the design feedback is honest, comprehensive and detailed.  The better the feedback, the better each new version of the designs, and the quicker we end up with the perfect design for your email marketing system.

Absolutely!  If you're one of our website care plan annual members, you receive an additional 10% off all of our products and services.  You can learn more about our care plans. here.

We can set up a sequence for you of up to 12 emails, but most email programs don't have a limit.  Generally, though, it is better to space out your sequences so that you have breaks in what your audience receives.

While we don't write your emails for you, we do provide editorial support to go through the emails you craft and make sure they are optimized to have the greatest impact possible for your audience.  Check out our Newsletter Publishing services for more details.

Ideally you should have your content to us a week before the newsletter will go out.  That gives us time to edit the content, design the newsletter layout, and make any changes you need before it is ready to go out.

Which one is right for you?

(hint: they all are!)

Whether you need a one-off email template designed, a new email marketing drip sequence set up, or you need to publish a regular newsletter to reach your customers, we can help you with that!

Check out our packages below and tell us how we can help you generate leads, sales and build relationships with your audience through the power of email marketing.


Beautiful emails that work
$ 250
/ template
  • Custom designed
  • Hand coded
  • Brand matching
  • System integrated


Automated Drip Emails
$ 250
/ sequence
  • Up to a dozen emails
  • Custom timing
  • Opt-in forms
  • Website integration
  • Copywriting help


Let's get you published
$ 200
/ month
  • Newsletter production
  • Editorial services
  • Opt-in maintenance
  • Stability monitoring
  • System oversight

Annual website care plan clients receive a 10% discount on the cost of all products and services.
Want to know more about our website care plans?  Click here!

Newsletter Publishing Plans

We have a plan that fits the frequency of your newsletter and email publishing plans. 


Two newsletters / month
$ 200 / month


Three newsletters / month
$ 250 / month


Weekly Newsletters
$ 300 / month

How it works

For each newsletter, send us your content — copy, links, images or other materials you want to included.  Then, we take your raw content and design your newsletter according to the email templates and branding you have in your email marketing system.  Once we get your go-ahead, we schedule the newsletter to go out to your audience.  Just curate your content and we'll take care of the rest!

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